Elephants in the Pond (Kaziranga National Park India)

Elephants in the Pond (Kaziranga National Park India)

Kazaringa National Park, India

  • Author: Adele Grunberg
  • Date Posted: Apr 5, 2014
  • Address: Kazaringa National Park, Assam, India

Elephants. Many elephants. Looks like mamas, grandmas, toddlers, teenagers. Lumbering along. Mix and match. Where are they all going? Oh wait! I see. Between the trees. They are climbing up and over a small hump in the brown earth and then making a splash.

But I am too far away. I want to be closer. The guide drives up onto a slatted wooden bridge. And there below on both sides in a lovely pond just filled with pink water hyacinths in riotous bloom, the elephants are having a pool party.


Walking, swimming, eating, playing.


Part in, part out of the water, they look half black and half white.


Some have vegetation sticking to their heads, their massive backs.


They yank big clumps of vines from the water and swing them to and fro with their trunks, freeing the greens of mud and dirt. Perfect for feasting. Must be joyous for them. I know it’s joyous to watch.

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